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Bailey Family New Zealand

Some history

Who Are We
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Some History
In 1834 James Alexander Bailey sailed with his new wife Jane to hobart Town, Tasmania, Australia aboard the ship "Manfield". Their first child, Elizabeth Amelia was born en route with details of her place of birth recorded as Lat. 250 deg  19" south, Long. 240deg 28-45" west.

On arrival at Hobart Town, James took the position of Clerk of the Principle Superintendent at the Office of the Compt. General of Convicts, working for 700c per year. Over the next thirteen years James and Jane had a further seven children, one girl and six boys, and not long after, some time just prior to 1850, James lefi Australia for the United States of America, lodging claim to a mine in Calaveras County in the State of California in 1851 and not being heard of again.

in 1850, together with her two daughters and her four youngest sons, Jane Bailey returned to England, settling at Islington, London. Her two eldest sons William and James remained in Australia goldmining at Ovens diggings in northeast Victoria. Following a brief visit to England to see their family the two emigrated to New Zealand's South Island about 1857 to chance their luck at mining there.