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Bailey Family Reunion
a reunion for descendants of
James Alexander Bailey and Jane Manning Lisson
Labour Weekend 20-22 October 2001
Feilding New Zealand

February 2001 Newsletter 3

Dear family member,

This newsletter contains the confirmed details about the family reunion to be held this Labour Weekend. At present 58 households have registered interest in the reunion with over 120 wanting to attend. We are confident that the weekend will be a great success. We need you now to confirm your attendance so that we can continue with arrangements.

Every effort has been made to keep costs to a minimum and to cater for a wide range of interests.We need you to register now and to encourage other members of the family to attend. If you have any questions please contact one of the below members of the organising committee. We need you to send in a deposit to assist our planning which will be forfeited should you cancel less than three weeks from the reunion. Looking forward to seeing you in October.

Ian Bailey  06 3765089    Doug Bailey  06 8768787 Jenny Adams  06 3292841 Dale Bailey  09 5215329


The programme has been further refined from our earlier draft that was included in the last newsletter.

Saturday 20 October 2001

1.00 p.m. Registration. The Science Centre and Manawatu Museum
1.30 p.m. Welcome and introductions
Genealogy workshop and information sharing
Family branch displays
Talk by Ian Bailey on family tree
Talk by Doug Bailey on English origins and family book
3.00p.m. Photographs of reunion. Totaranui Historic House, Manawatu Museum
5.30 p.m. Family barbecue at Jenny and Alan Adams home Bunnythorpe. BYO everything, A shared meal, food not included in registration cost.

Sunday 21 October 2001

9.30 a.m.-3.30 p.m. Tour of family sites, Bunnythorpe, Taonui, Feilding and Sanson
6.30 p.m. Drinks
7.00 p.m Reunion Dinner, Rangitikei Club, Feilding. Historical talk, "Manawatu was like in 1870’s"  Toasts

Monday 22 October 2001 Labour Day

10.00 a.m.-11.00 a.m. Farewell brunch Café in Feilding

Reunion details

The reunion is being held in both Palmerston North and in Feilding. Our first day will be held at The Science Centre and Manawatu Museum in Main Street Palmerston North. We will be using the education wing, and there are many displays of an interactive kind for children to enjoy who may tire of genealogy.

Our barbecue is to held in Bunnythorpe, the dinner and farewell brunch in Feilding. All sites are within 20 minutes drive of each other. Full directions will be available at registration. The committee has attempted to keep costs to a minimum to allow as many as possible to attend. Children may find some of the activities more adult oriented. Please plan accordingly. Please book your own accommodation

Family displays

We would like each family branch and twig to be represented by a display of photographs, family documents, memorabilia and mementoes. We will organise some tables and screens if you need these. This would be an ideal project for your family, and we will be having a display from our English cousins.

The area we are in is safe and secure and we will be able to share some of these family treasures. This would be an ideal way to include members of the family who are not able to attend the weekend.

Family history book

Doug Bailey of Hastings is compiling the family history book. We have decided that we would like to include all the children and grandchildren of James Alexander Bailey and Jane Manning Lisson in the formal part of the book. We are looking for people to research and write about each of those people. Are you willing to help here. Please contact Doug Bailey on (06) 8768787 to discuss this further.

Pen portraits

We would like each of the members of the family to have a pen portrait about themselves to include in the family history booklet. This should include a little about them personal events like marriages etc, their education and work, their achievements and the like. A guide really to future genealogists. Please try and limit to around 100 words.

Family Tree

A number of you have sent in corrections and updates to the family tree. Of course the tree we sent did not have all of our female relatives which we want to include in the final draft. We want to collect all the information we can. Please contact Ian Bailey (06) 3765089 101 Vogel Street Woodville with any family tree corrections additions and new information.

Registrations of interest

58 households have so far sent in ten dollars registering an interest in the reunion with 130 family members indicating that they would like to come. And there is still some room for more. This is tremendous interest and very exciting for us. We look forward meeting you all at Labour Weekend.

Ian Bailey Doug Bailey Jenny Adams Dale Bailey

Organising Committee Bailey Reunion 2001

The Reunion plans to mark;

130 years since the arrival of the family to the Manawatu

189 years since the birth of James Alexander Bailey in Tiverton, Devon in England

168 years since the marriage of James Alexander Bailey to Jane Manning Lisson at St Mary-le-Bone, London

193 years since the marriage of William Bailey and Sarah Pannell (nee Matthews) at Cullompton, Devon. England



A Reunion checklist

(or what you need to do now)

1) Register for the reunion by printing and completing the CONFIRMATION FORM and returning it to the organising committee by 30 August 2001 enclosing a deposit of $30.00 per person

2) Start preparing a family branch display of photographs (old and new), family heirlooms, mementoes and keepsakes. We will display these on the Saturday at The Science Centre and Manawatu Museum in Palmerston North. Every family branch and twig no matter how small should be able to display something of themselves. A good project for younger members of the family.

3) Convince other members of the family that they need to register and attend the reunion.

4) Start researching members of your family for the book that we will publish following the reunion. We would like to cover all the children and grandchildren of James Alexander Bailey and Jane Manning Lisson. Let us know who you will be writing about.

5) Complete a pen portrait of each of the members of your family (100 words) for the booklet.

Contacting us:

Bailey Family Reunion 2001,
Dale Bailey
6 Harapaki St
Auckland, New Zealand
phone 09 5215329 Fax 09 5782240
mobile 025 2404373