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We are scanning all the photos given to Doug at the reunion and uploading them to this website, grouped according to ancestral lines. Click on the photos below to go to the appropriate photo gallery.
If you have a printer of reasonable quality (most new inkjets come into this category) you can click with the right mouse button to download an image of your choose and print it. You will get "near photo" quality if you use photograph paper in your printer. Alternatively, you can save the downloaded image as a .jpg file on a floppy disk and take it to your local photography shop to print for you. Failing that, we are working on getting prices to have them done locally for you.
If you wish to have copies done for you please email me at  or post your request to 502 Lyndhurst Rd Hastings quoting the code number and description of the photos you want and you postal address. We will get back to you with a price and, if the cost is favourable to you, we will proceed to have the prints done.






Elizabeth Amelia Bailey (Coles)   











wb00488.gif (897 bytes) Elizabeth Amelia Bailey (Coles)    wb00488.gif (897 bytes) Walter Ambrose Lucas Bailey
wb00488.gif (897 bytes)   Frank Evans Bailey wb00488.gif (897 bytes) James Alexander Bailey
wb00488.gif (897 bytes) Henry George Bailey wb00488.gif (897 bytes) Alfred Manning Bailey
wb00488.gif (897 bytes) William Lisson Bailey