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Hi - my name is Bron Boughtwood and I am a descendant of William Lisson Bailey - grandparents William and Olive and mother, Joan McGregor, nee Bailey.
In June of this year, we were in London and took the opportunity to visit Bailey Bros in Highbury where we spent a most enjoyable morning with Rae, Neil and Ian, learning more family history and seeing through their very interesting factory.  I am sure you already have photographs of this London connection but I am forwarding ones that we took on our visit.

bron1.jpg (33676 bytes)bron2.jpg (45870 bytes)
bron3.jpg (29188 bytes)
Ian, Rae, Bron and Hugh Boughtwood and Neil

The group photo is distorted - sorry about that. Look forward to meeting you at the reunion.
Regards Bron